Vendors & Solicitors

The Etiwanda Teachers Association Executive Board gladly welcomes and will consider all requests to distribute information to Etiwanda School District teachers for the following organizations: non-profit civic and cultural organizations, nonpartisan and nonsectarian individuals/organizations, accredited colleges and universities, state sponsored 403B programs, certain financial institutions and programs and local health clubs.

Please use the following guidelines when applying for flyer distribution

1. Applications are valid for one academic school year

2. Submit a completed application

3. Provide a nonprofit tax id number, if applicable

4. Submission of orignial copy of flyer and/or information to be distributed with application

5. All materials must include the following disclaimer: " This is NOT an Etiwanda Teacher Association nor an Etiwanda School District sponsored activity and this material is NOT prepared at ETA nor Etiwands School District expense".

Please note the ETA Executive Board can not approve site seminars. Vendors must obtain permission from school site administrators to gain access to the site campus.

Application Form