ETA Membership

Etiwanda teachers are the finest in the country and we are very happy that you have chosen to work with us. The Etiwanda Teachers Association (ETA) is here to help you at the local level in many ways. California Teachers Association (CTA) and National Educators Association (NEA) are your professional organizations at the state and national levels respectively.

ETA is the union that represents Certificated Employees in the Etiwanda Elementary School District. It exists primarily to protect and advance the professional and economic interests of its members. With over 600 hundred teachers, ETA is your advocate for providing a free, quality public education to all children. ETA as a local association of CTA ensures members a number of benefits: including low rates and substantial discounts on home loans, personal, life and car insurance, merchandise, travel and legal services.

As a certificated employee of the District, you have four options by which you may fulfill the agency fee obligation.

(1) Membership: You may become a full member of the Association and enjoy the rights and privileges of membership including free limited CTA legal representation, voting privileges and$1,000,000 in life insurance. You pay full unified dues to ETA/CTA/NEA (through monthly payroll deduction or full cash payment at the start of the year).

(2) Membership Status without contributing to the CTA/ABC (a bipartisan political fund): A designated portion of CTA dues (2.9% of CTA’s membership fund) is normally allocated to the Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC), a bipartisan political fund through which CTA provides financial support for educational issues and CTA-endorsed candidates for local and state offices. Those who choose not to allocate a portion of their dues to the CTA/ABC account, but instead want the 2.9% to remain in the General Fund, should complete the GENERAL FUND ALLOCATION FORM.

(3) Agency Fee Payer Status: Nonmembers pay an agency fee. This amount is equal to the amount paid by a member. You are not a member of NEA, CTA, or ETA. You will not be able to hold local offices or vote in local elections. You will also forfeit access to membership benefits and the right to receive a rebate of the fee.

If you do not sign up for membership, you will automatically become a fee payer, unless you establish religious objector status. If you have been an agency fee payer and wish to become a member of CTA/ETA, you will need to fill out an application.

(4) Religious Objector Status: In lieu of payment of dues or agency fees, you may pay the equivalent of full unified dues to a non-labor, non-religious charitable fund which is exempt from taxation under IRS Code 501 ( c ) (3), if you are a member of a religious body whose teachings oppose payment of dues or fees to employee organizations, or if you hold sincere religious beliefs opposing unions.

All correspondence regarding membership status or to obtain forms please contact the ETA Secretary.